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Our Values

Our values define our culture: 

Our culture is all about supporting and encouraging gold medal performance, individually and collectively. We're one team – this means demanding the best from ourselves as individuals and supporting one another to achieve gold medal performance collectively. 

Our values have grown organically. It became really obvious in the economic and social pressure cooker of lockdown in 2020 how special our culture was.  We involved everyone in helping to capture the essence of that culture and articulate the values which were at the heart of it.

'Building great futures, one career and one team at a time' is our vision.  That's just as true for everyone who works at Macs as it is for our candidates and clients.  Our values underpin that vision and guide how we achieve it.

For new people joining the business it means that you know from day one, how we work, how we behave and what we expect from you to help you to be a success and become the best version of yourself.  

Commit To Excellence

‘We make the choice to be the best version of ourselves.  We are proud of what we do  We focus on results and we are committed to the process.  We are curious. We listen. We actively seek feedback and use it to raise the bar.  We are always improving.’

Find A Way 

‘We are resourceful. We innovate to create solutions.  We break down barriers to get the job done well. We are self-reliant but we build and maintain effective networks so we can ask for help and advice.’

Be Accountable 

‘We take responsibility for our own results, performance and personal development. We do what we say we will do.  We act with integrity. We share the credit when it goes well and we look at ourselves first when it doesn't.  We trust and are trusted.’

One Team

‘We build trust. We challenge and inspire one another. We pull our own weight and more. To achieve our own success we will proactively help someone else get theirs first. We believe teamwork multiplies results and makes work fun.’

Show Passion

‘We believe in fearless consulting. We will put our ‘neck on the block’ when we believe something is in our customers’ best interests. We communicate courageously and courteously. We harness our expertise in what we do to engage, motivate and achieve results in a way we can be proud of.’