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Our Values

Our values define our culture: 

Our culture is all about supporting and encouraging gold medal performance, individually and collectively. 
Our culture is about team – this means demanding the best from ourselves as individuals and supporting one another to achieve gold medal performance collectively. Working in an environment where you are constructively challenged will inevitably mean that your own performance is enhanced.

We developed our Guide to Gold to allow everyone in the team at Macs to understand how we want to act and operate with one another and with our customers.

For new people joining the business it means that you know from day one, how we work, how we behave and what we expect from you to help you to be a success and become the best version of yourself.  To understand more about what “Gold” looks like please click on the poster above (can we link this to the 3 highllighted elements in the G2G)

Courageous Communications

There is no room for ego in the Macs Family.  Every communication should help us to improve collectively and individually.  There should be no treading on internal eggshells.  Being afraid to say something isn’t good, being unwilling to hear is even worse. 

We are a team.  Teams challenge each other – for the good of the team. We want you to challenge and say what you feel needs to be said.  We don’t want people biting their tongue as constrained behaviour breeds frustration.  
Becoming a courageous communicator begins with “for things to change, first I must change.”

Advantage through innovation

We don’t want to be “just like any old recruitment business” - We go beyond just sending CVs.  We push the boundaries and do things differently in order to give ourselves an advantage.  In 2009 we developed our award winning Linkedin workshops.  Thousands of candidates have now learned how best to promote their personal brand and hundreds of businesses have learned how to use linkedin as a talent sourcing tool as a result of our counter intuitive approach to recruitment. 

Innovation isn’t always about the big ideas.  If you have spotted a way to improve something that we do by just 1% - we want to know.

Our investment in the tech that sits behind our Daily Resourcing Searches is unique to us, if you have the ambition to make the most of it, it will ensure that you get access to the best candidates first, before your competitors do. 

Positive Ambition 

Positive ambition is about having the desire to “Become the Best Version of You” and then acting upon that desire.
Yes we will manage you, yes you will have regular appraisals but ultimately we want you to be your own performance manager – and constantly be striving to be the best that you can be.

Working in recruitment is a tough job.  To be successful, you need mental toughness, a positive outlook, bouncebackability , a desire to win, and a desire to develop your own performance through understanding the key performance indicators that drive success on your desk.

Collaborative Success 

From answering the phone to agreeing terms to arranging interviews to managing an offer – we expect everyone at Macs to be on their A-game and to understand their place in the customer and candidate experience.  Delivering a great experience, at each step of the process, will result in customers coming back time and time again. 

We don’t just collaborate internally.  We expect our consultants to collaborate with our customers too.  Some of our best successes have resulted from teaching our customers how to use linkedin to recruit for free and supporting them with ideas to best promote their employer brand.  We also host regular academy events and workshops at no cost in order to network, collaborate and add value. 

Yes we’re a family at Macs, but in many ways we’re also more than a family – we’re a winning team. Gold medal performers coach one another, constructively challenge and cheer each other on, sharing knowledge to improve performance.

Empowering People

This value is about more than just being good at your own job, it’s about being given (and taking) the responsibility of helping the businesses be as good as it can possibly be – to become the BEST VERSION OF US.
Feeling empowered does not mean playing it safe.  Feeling empowered means you are more likely to be courageous with your communications as you won’t fear losing.  We want you to take the risk of winning, wins can be very small, but they all add up.

We will continue to invest in our Employee Value proposition to empower you to become the best you can be.

Executional Excellence 

Executional excellence underpins the way that we operate day in day out.
It’s also about respect and sets the standards to allow us all to be champions.  It means that we deliver on our promises – but we don’t OVER promise

It means that we strive to be the best - not just hitting our targets but beating them 
And that means that you will know your personal best and constantly strive to beat it.