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Looking for Interim Manager roles?

At Macildowie, we support Senior Interim Professionals in Finance, HR, Procurement & Supply Chain, Office & Commercial and Marketing in both the private and public sectors. Our talented senior interim recruitment consultants have the expertise to find you that perfect role that fits both your personal and professional needs.

Interim Managers: Filling the Gap

Even if you hadn’t considered an interim manager role before, a company may be looking for an immediate fit due to a previous manager leaving. These roles are usually on a temporary contract but can become permanent if the employer feels the interim manager can excel in the role. At Macildowie, we ensure we place you dependant on both skills and experience, and cultural fit for this reason.

How can Macildowie help?

  • We’ll find you an interim managerial role that fits your long-term career goals and provides the opportunity to sharpen the skills you already excel at.
  • We can ensure all your professional and personal needs are met when looking for an interim manager role.
  • Throughout the process, we’ll give you feedback and when your contract finishes, ask for feedback from an employment perspective.
  • We’ll help you build your network of contacts within your industry.

Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry! Our expert senior interim recruitment consultants can help you kick-start your job hunt and will get to know you inside and out, and listen to your needs.

Can’t find interim vacancies?

Our jobs board could have your next interim position but let us do the work for you and our specialist interim consultants can find you the right one ready for when your current assignment ends.

There are many benefits of working as an Interim Manager. These include flexibility, the ability to choose your own assignments and it provides a great opportunity to help build your network of contacts which is vital for future business. If you need help searching for interim manager roles, then get in touch. At Macildowie, we’ll support you throughout the whole hiring process and ensure regular communication during your assignment. You can count on us.