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Qualifying Pension Scheme

Are you a temporary member of staff looking for a pension scheme that you will be automatically enrolled in?

Automatic Enrolment for New Temps at Macildowie

Here at Macildowie, we offer a Qualifying Pension Scheme for temporary employees. This scheme is provided by Now Pensions and we’ll start contributing automatically after the 3-month postponement in line with the current pension legislation. Under this scheme, we’ll automatically enrol all new temporary staff so you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself.

How can our Qualifying Pension Scheme help you?

  • We’ll automatically enrol eligible workers on the scheme, we’re legally obliged to.
  • Whilst there is a 3-month postponement period for our contributions due to legislation, you can contribute before this if you wish.
  • If you already have a pension, you can still be enrolled to benefit from the scheme.
  • When you move jobs your Now Pension scheme contributions will be safe and you’ll automatically be enrolled on your new employer’s scheme; it’s an easy and straightforward process.

Long-Term Financial Security for Temporary Staff with Qualifying Pension Scheme

As a temporary member of staff, it can be confusing to sort and ensure your pension, that’s why with our Qualifying Pension Scheme you’ll automatically be enrolled and start getting contributions once the 3-month postponement period is over. However, if you decide that the scheme is not for you, you can easily opt out within the first month, and you’ll even get your contributions refunded during this time. If you cease your membership after this period, no further contributions will be made from both yourself or your employer, but the current contributions will remain in the fund.

Stress-Free Pension Set Up with Our Qualifying Pension Scheme

Our Qualifying Pension Scheme will ensure that you’ve got a Now Pension set up from the minute you start your temporary role, and the contributions will come accordingly. This means you don’t have to stress or worry about getting this important task done, we’ll do it automatically so you can start contributing straight away. Then, when you move on to your next role, your contributions will stay in the scheme and you’ll be auto-enrolled into your new employer’s pension scheme, it really is as easy as that.