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Current Temp Advice

Are you currently a temp looking for a recruitment agency that fully supports you and gives you the best advice?

Get Expert Advice on Your Temporary Role with Macildowie

Here at Macildowie, we’re here to do exactly that, our experienced consultants will use their expertise to ensure you’re getting the most out of your temporary role, and that you’ve got your next role and you’re set up well for it. Our temp advice covers a broad range of crucial areas, such as frequently asked questions and the ever-confusing time sheets, even our Now Pensions scheme and it allows us to be proactive in finding your next role so you have seamless transitions. Our advice is centred around the aspects of temp work that really matter to you.

How can our temp advice services help you?

  • We want you to tell us when your assignment ends so our consultants can get you a new role ready for that date.

  • Our experienced team can help you bridge the gap between permanent roles.

  • We’ll speak to clients weeks in advance so your next temp role is one that you love.

  • Our timesheet approval system is an online portal so it couldn’t be easier for you to submit.

  • We’ll automatically enrol you into Now Pensions, so you're earning money for your pension as quickly as possible.

Overcome Uncertainty and Instability with Macildowie

We realise that during temporary roles there can be a lot of instability and uncertainty. At Macildowie, the aim of our advice is to eliminate that; we’ll talk to clients weeks in advance so you’ve got your next role lined up, and you’ll be automatically enrolled into our pension scheme so you can start building on your future straight away.

We understand that at times, it can feel that as a temporary member of staff, you aren’t getting the specialist care and help that you deserve, that’s why at Macildowie we have a dedicated accounts and payroll department just for our temporary and interim candidates, so we get it right for you when it really matters.

Get the Most Out of Your Temp Role with Macidowie

Here at Macidowie, we’re dedicated to providing our temporary clients with the best possible advice, support and guidance so you become a success. From easy time sheet submissions, and consistent yet clear payslips and payroll, to an automatically enrolled pension that you can opt out of should you wish, we’re here to ensure each temp role you get is purposeful and puts your career in the right direction.

Submitting Timesheets

We offer a reliable and committed recruitment service to our candidates. Our consultants are experts in all things temp and interim, including pay and holidays and can advise on how to gain experience and skills across different sectors. Our dedicated payroll team ensures you get paid correctly every time and our online timesheet portal makes submitting timesheets hassle-free.

Payments for temp staff are sent out by payroll every Wednesday and clear bank accounts on Fridays. With Macildowie, you can trust our recruitment consultants to make perfect hiring matches and ensure a smooth transition between roles.

Qualifying Pension Scheme

Macildowie offers temporary members of staff a Qualifying Pension Scheme that is provided by Now Pensions. This scheme will automatically enrol all new temporary staff after a 3-month postponement period, and will provide them with long-term financial security and a stress-free pension set up. Current contributions will remain in the fund even after they cease their membership, and they will be automatically enrolled in their new employer's pension scheme when they move jobs.