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Our Vision

Building great futures, one career and one team at a time

Our goal is to create the opportunities for you to build an amazing career.  If you’re a client then we help you build a successful team.  Either way ‘Building Great Futures’ is what we’re about. We pride ourselves on the values that make us who we are and how they support our candidates to succeed.

Our Values

  • Courageous communication
  • Empowering people
  • Advantage through innovation
  • Collaborative success
  • Positive ambition

Matching Culture and Values with Your Dream Job

At Macs we’ll partner with you so you can realise your ambitions and can get the role you truly deserve, and one that you actually want. Our unique culture is such a big part of Macildowie, and we’ll work with you to find a company and team who’s culture matches your values. We’re passionate – we want to find you a job that enhances you so you’ll want to come back to us time and time again, maybe one day as a client! Our commitment to excellence underpins each of our values and everything we do here at Macs, if we’re not up to our standards, we want you to let us know.

Our Values

The whole Macildowie team played a part in articulating our vision and mission but especially our values. We’re immensely proud of how the team has handled the extreme work challenges of the last few years and these values absolutely bottled what we see the team doing every day.

Commit To Excellence

We make the choice to be the best version of ourselves. We are proud of what we do. We focus on results and we are committed to the process. We are curious. We listen. We actively seek feedback and use it to raise the bar. We are always improving.

Find A Way

We are resourceful. We innovate to create solutions. We break down barriers to get the job done well. We are self-reliant but we build and maintain effective networks so we can ask for help and advice.

Be Accountable

We take responsibility for our own results, performance and personal development. We do what we say we will do. We act with integrity. We share the credit when it goes well and we look at ourselves first when it doesn't. We trust and are trusted.

One Team

We build trust. We challenge and inspire one another. We pull our own weight and more. To achieve our own success we will proactively help someone else get theirs first. We believe teamwork multiplies results and makes work fun.

Show Passion

We are professional but with personality. We believe in fearless consulting. If all else fails we resort to passion. We communicate courageously and courteously. We harness our expertise in what we do to engage, motivate and achieve results in a way we can be proud of.