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Expert Advice for Your Job Search with Macildowie

Here at Macildowie, we pride ourselves on how we support our candidates. Working with us, you can expect the right level of care and support to help you fulfil your career ambitions.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Our top priority is ensuring that we’ve worked alongside you to create a successful and fulfilling career, tailored to your needs. Our consultants are there to have a relationship with you every step of the way and beyond, for your entire career.

A long-term relationship with Macildowie is based on trust, we want you to trust us completely, and we’re here to give you support. As well as our long-term guidance, we work with many organisations exclusively, meaning that we can find jobs for you that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Candidate Insight

Every single one of our consultants aims to be your long-term career support, so each job you have is not only suited to you and your needs but a job that also allows you to grow and develop. We’re here for you for much more than just your job search, we want you to keep in touch with us so we know that you’re doing well and are successful.

Our Advice

From our first-ever meeting, which can take place in person or online we will get to know you as a person, not just your qualifications and experience, but your needs, wants and future goals too. We want to know your long-term goals and what makes you tick, and then we can work with you to find the perfect job that matches that.

Only once our experts understand you and what you're looking for will we assist you in creating an outstanding CV and start preparing you for interviews.

Our Pledge

Our style of communication is courageous. We are always approachable and we will do exactly what we say. We'll give you detailed feedback, even when it’s not what you’d like to hear. We also love to empower people, we’ll help you find a role that will allow you to grow. We are passionate about innovation, we keep on top of developments to ensure we have the best tools to support you in your job search. Our goal is to present the best version of you to our clients.

We want to find you a job where your employer can help you achieve your ambitions. We would love to welcome you back in the future, maybe one day as a client!

Dream Job

Even if you’ve just started your career, you might have a dream job in mind. We want to help you find what this is and help you get there, no matter how many steps it takes.


At Macildowie, we always want to know how we’re doing and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve. We encourage you to give us feedback, both constructive and critical so we can become even better at what we do.