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29th June 2023
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What does a Finance Assistant do?

29th June 2023

Having a full and better understanding of the responsibilities of a Finance Assistant will be beneficial if you want to go into the finance industry. Furthermore, allowing you to see if you’d like to enter this position. This blog will aim to cover the skills, requirements, and qualifications needed for the position of a Finance Assistant.

What do Finance Assistants do?

A Finance Assistant is known to be an entry position, they perform a variety of administrative tasks, such as helping keep finance records, spreadsheets, and software up to date. The main aim of the Finance Assistant is to ensure the finance department operates efficiently and effectively. 

A Finance Assistant doesn’t just focus on the jobs mentioned above, they have a number of additional duties. For example: inputting data into financial software, joining meetings, and once they have formed the appropriate amount of knowledge, they are able to suggest improvements to the project or client they are working on.

As mentioned above, due to this position being entry-level, the Finance Assistant works with the guidance of a superior within the finance department. The senior member of staff is likely to distribute additional tasks and responsibilities such as:

  • Record daily transactions
  • Enter data into accounting systems
  • Manage financial data
  • Review financial data


To be a successful Finance Assistant, you need to have a variety of technical skills, soft skills, skills in mathematics, technology, as well as communication, and organisation. An employer is looking for someone who has:

  • Knowledge of spreadsheets and specific accounting software
  • Strong understanding of bookkeeping
  • Clear analytical skills
  • An interest in being detail-oriented

Salary Expectations

The average salary of a Finance Assistant is £24,000 to £26,097. However, this is dependent on the level of education, knowledge, and experience of the candidate, and the location of the business.

Education and Qualifications

To become a Finance Assistant you require a bachelor’s degree in accounting finance or a business-related course, like economics or statistics. It is important to note that not all employees require a candidate to have a degree. If the candidate has other relevant qualifications, or experience in positions such as bookkeeping, an accounts clerk, or a taxation technician, they are likely to have some of the skills needed for this role.

In turn, hopefully, this blog has given you the opportunity to learn about the position of a Financial Assistant. It is important to note that this position is frequently used to get into the finance industry, and to progress further into the world of finance. Therefore, it could be the perfect role for you, if you are a recent graduate or are looking to progress from a lower position.

If you are interested and looking for a position of a Finance Assistant, or a similar job, head over to our Mac’s jobs board now.