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You are worth what an employer is prepared to pay you, and the recruitment market is driven by the basic economic forces of the supply of and demand for skills.

The best way to find out what your worth is in the current market place is to engage with your Macildowie Consultant, please note, engaging with them does not mean that they will automatically start talking to you about jobs (unless you want them to).  Each of our expertly trained Recruitment Consultant's will be happy for you to have a Private and Confidential chat in the first instance in order to give you the insight you require to inform the best career decisions for your future.

We prefer to work with candidates whose motivation for looking for their dream job IS NOT driven by money and as such, if you feel as if you are underpaid at your current place of work we highly recommend that you benchmark your salary before starting to look for a new job.   Once you have a clearer understanding of your personal "market rate" we recommend the next course of action to be a meeting with your manager or HR representative to discuss this before beginning your job search.

In order to benchmark your current salary package, please fill in the form below (you can also autofill using your linkedin profile):

Once you have submitted the form, we’ll be in touch by email within the next few days to advise you of a “market rate” salary range that you could secure if you started to look for a job.

In the meantime though, to help you with your conversations at your current workplace, there is additional homework that you can carry out.

If you search for jobs that we are currently advertising then you can establish a rough range – if you have all the skills to do a certain role you can assume that you’re worth the upper end of the salary range we have advertised.  If the job is one that you feel you could do, that would represent the next step up the ladder for your career but you don’t have all the boxes ticked then you should conclude that you are worth nearer to the low end of the salary range.

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