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Cyber Security

Cyber Security has always been a priority for Macildowie

Our Business Systems Team work hard to ensure that Macildowie’s systems and therefore our data is as secure as possible.

We have been Cyber Essentials certified for a number of years and we are re-accredited annually to ensure our systems are up to the appropriate security standard.

Our re-certification involves, among other things, getting outside experts to bombard our systems with state of the art cyber attacks to ensure they are fully tested.

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Emails are a huge cyber security threat to businesses and individuals. To counter the ‘targeted email threats’ that are out there we have implemented protection measures. These will catch suspect documents, URLs and email addresses before they can enter our environment and prevent them affecting the data we hold.

Targeted threat protection, Cyber Essentials certification and our internal staff training, ensure that our customers can rely on Macildowie's dedication to protecting the information we manage.