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Psychometric Assessments

Although the use of psychometric tests is not favoured by all, it’s a common assessment tool that you might have to face during recruitment.

Psychometric Assessments: A Tool For Career Success

Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them, in fact, our candidates are learning to love them with our help! In today’s market, it's more likely you’ll be tasked with a psychometric assessment during the recruitment process. Even if this isn’t required for the role that you’re going for, we believe that it’s a great tool to get to know your personality, both your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to enter your interview with confidence and a deep understanding of yourself. Doing a psychometric assessment also demonstrates to the interviewer and company that you’re serious about your career, making it more likely for you to get the job that you want.

Partnering with Thrive to Help You Find a Job

We use Thrive and their experience as the world’s leading psychometric hiring assessment provider so you have the chance to sit an assessment and find out more about yourself. Our consultants will talk you through and explain the results and reports. As career consultants, we felt that it was important to partner with Thrive to further help us to find you a job that is both successful and rewarding.

The report that Thrive creates will give us insights that you might not even be aware of, this ranges from anything from your motivation to your working styles, and the aim of it is to help you make better career choices. Once you know what really motivates you, you can then work on how interviewers might perceive you.

Improve Your Chances of Getting an Interview with Thrive

Our data suggests that by doing a Thrive assessment and following the recommendations for development, you will be more likely to get an interview for the jobs that you are applying for. The report itself also includes a list of suggested questions for an interview and practical tips for your professional development, and we can work with you to prepare for these in advance, so you can really communicate well with the interviewer about your personality.

It’s also worth remembering that most companies will make hiring choices based on personality, behaviour and soft skills, over just qualifications and technical competency. Thrive lets you do this in a way where you’re truly informed, prepared and ready to communicate this and perform well at the interview.