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Stand Out in Your Interview with Macildowie's Expert Advice

So you’ve secured an interview, the easy part is over! Performing well in an interview can be tricky. The Macildowie team are here to help you stand out and do your very best. We can help you create that all-important good first impression.

Prepared, Passion, and Personality

One of the most common questions an interviewer will ask is why you’re there; why you want the job. You need to clearly articulate why you applied for the job, by explaining a bit of the job description and what you know about the company, such as its values.

This research will let the interviewer know that you’ve thought about your application and that you’ve thoroughly prepared, which means that you want it. As well as this, passion can really get you far. Increasingly people are being hired for their character and personality rather than their skills on paper, so be enthusiastic.

Here are some more key questions that you might get asked in an interview...

'Tell me what you have done in your career to date'

This question is asking you to talk through your CV, you should focus on talking through what you have done by giving specific examples, how you did it, who you worked with and what impact that had. Then use this experience to relate back to the job description and skills needed for the role you’re being interviewed for. This question will let the interviewer know if you have the skills needed.

'Tell me where you see yourself in 3-5 years'

The interviewer is asking you this question to see if their organisation will be able to let you grow and progress with them, this is an important question that varies with the job and sector. Our consultants will be able to help you come up with an appropriate answer based on your needs.

'What are you like as a person?'

You are being asked this question to see if you’d fit into the organisation and the team, they want to know if you have similar values. Some organisations may use a psychometric profiling tool to find this out and at Macildowie, we use ‘Thrive’ to get you prepared.

'What do you know about our business?' and 'Do you have any questions for us?'

These questions might look seemingly innocent, but they’re your opportunity to stand out from other candidates. Asking more questions is a ‘buying signal’ – it shows you’re interested and interviewers usually love that.

Employers use these questions to see if your passion and preparation might set you apart from other candidates; it’s useful for them to use when they’re finding it hard to choose between candidates with the same ability.

Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are a common way for employers to evaluate potential employees. These centres focus on soft skills and assess how candidates work under pressure and in group settings. Attendees may be asked to participate in activities like presentations, role plays, and case studies, and may be subject to psychometric testing. These centres use a scientific approach to evaluate candidates and provide a structured method for employers to review applicants.

Unlock Your Potential with Thrive

Thrive is an online psychometric assessment tool that enhances the chance of selection for recruitment agencies and candidates. It allows for a better understanding of motivations and personality traits so that you can make better-informed decisions about your career. We see ourselves as Career Consultants who aim to help you find a job you love and build a rewarding and successful career.

Harnessing the Power of Psychometric Assessments to Improve Your Job Search

Psychometric assessments are a popular tool used in recruitment processes to help employers understand more about potential candidates. Partnering with Thrive, we have been helping candidates assess their strengths and weaknesses, gain insights into their personality and motivations, and become more prepared for interviews. Our data suggests that taking a Thrive assessment increases the chances of getting an interview for the job and better communicating your personality to the interviewer.

LinkedIn Workshops

Macildowie offers free monthly LinkedIn Workshops to help individuals enhance their online personal branding and utilize LinkedIn effectively for their job search. These workshops cater to all levels of social media expertise, whether you're a beginner or an expert.

Participants will learn how to create a memorable LinkedIn profile, build a smart profile, and increase their impact. They will also gain insights into keyword scoring, boolean searching, and accessing job opportunities not posted on job boards. The workshops aim to develop participants' professional networks and connect them with like-minded individuals. Macildowie's goal is to maximize success in job hunting by guiding participants in optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to work in their favor.

Personal Branding

Discover the power of personal branding and take control of your online presence with Macildowie. In today's digital age, your social media accounts create an online footprint that defines your personal brand. With people being able to search, read, and form opinions about you, it's essential to create a professional digital footprint.

Macildowie can guide you in developing a personal brand, helping you grow your network, and showcasing your expertise. Take the first step by evaluating your online presence and then updating your offline tools to align with your professional image. Don't miss the opportunity to make a lasting and positive impression on potential employers.